Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blogging Woolf: getting started

You must do a minimum of four (4) blog posts this semester. (If you do a fifth blog post, I’ll drop your weakest grade; if you do more, it will count for extra credit.) I expect good form (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.) and an analytical or argumentative approach, but since you’re writing in the new media for a broad audience, you can (and should) aim for an inquisitive, questioning tone, rather than a definitive one. Check the blog as you get started. Sometimes, I’ll post something that may help get you started thinking about the day’s reading. Or, you may find that another writer has posted his or her thoughts on the same film or secondary reading. If so, engage with that prior writer by quoting the post and discussing the degree to which you concur. I encourage you to take risks in your discussion openers; it’s also a good idea to use one or two as a testing ground for a first draft of a paper. Aim for around a page per post (about 400 words)—less than a paper, but enough to develop a thoughtful, engaged response.

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